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Dear Friend, 

Hi, my name is Brett Walker and yes, that is my mug shot above. I live in the USA in Concord, NC which is auto racing country but honestly, racing is not my thing. Ebay is my thing.  Whenever I meet people and they find out that I sell on Ebay full time, they almost always ask what I sell and 90% of the time, the next question out of their mouth is:

"So where do you get the stuff you sell?"

I used to never tell them...but I am now!  Let me throw something at you:  I bet you wonder where all those Ebay sellers get that inventory and you would like to get some too, right? Well, guess what? I know where a lot of them get their items but I am not going to tell you their secrets. I am going to tell you mine! Take a few minutes and hear me out because I have put together something awesome for you!

I get my Ebay inventory from...drumroll please...other Ebay sellers.  Yes, you read that right. I get crazy amounts of inventory from the same location where I sell it - Ebay! 

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It is so darn easy, a trained orangutan could almost do it.

Think how appealing if would be if you could have an easy-to-run home business where you sold to consumers even while you sleep.  Best of all, you never have to worry about where to get more of those items!  

You will instantly have more time to spend with your family.  You will not have to worry about job security, office politics, getting layed off or fired, nasty co-workers, schedules or having to ask off for sick or vacation days.  You will be in full control of your destiny.  You know  you want this! 

I can tell you how to do this. I have years of experience and want to share it all with you. I can show you how to get crazy amounts of great inventory right there on Ebay.


Do I spend all day in front of my computer looking for a great auction deal? Not at all.  I spend about 20-40 minutes at a time several days a week bidding and buying and sometimes less time than that. Many of the great deals that I get come to me straight to my email as an alert.  It is embarrassingly easy! Some days, I get a week's worth of inventory in one or two "lot" purchases.  I buy from other sellers and resell their same goodies because I know more of how to do it than they do!  I want you to read my book, The Ebay Guru Speaks Out and learn:

  • How to easily learn the value of things before you begin buying by using my secret techniques on searching out the "completed listings" on Ebay.   I have cleverly figured out how to buy just the right items at the right price.
  • Using my arbitrage methods will have you smiling and wondering why the whole world is not doing this. You will not be spending your time looking into wholesale lists, liquidations, closeouts or dropshipping where you will be getting the same new merchandise that a baskillion other Ebay sellers are selling. Do you want to go into competition and price wars with others who have way more experience than you? I don't. I won't. 
  • Forget about hitting those local auctions and Saturday morning yard sales. Too "hit or miss" and not profitable enough for the time spent unless you are a seriously seasoned pro.  

This is not a get rich quick scheme!

The Beginning

For the past 10 years, I've been selling full time on Ebay. I only started because I decided to put my house up for sale on Ebay which forced me to open up an Ebay account. The house did not sell there at my starting bid but I figured as long as I have this account set up, why not turn this into a business? I was living in the rurals of Tennessee and tired of driving an hour to work in Chattanooga so decided to push myself into learning about Ebay and finding inventory. In just a few months, I was selling full time and had left my job. At first, I did not get any inventory from Ebay sellers.  That would change.

This is not another "How to Sell on Ebay" guide. 

Those are a dime a dozen. Don't get me wrong because some of them offer very good advice but I think you can find most of that advice for free from Googling or even from Ebay's on site video tutorials and helps. The mechanics of selling is something you can pretty easily teach yourself and what you don't know, you can get from other guides and free websites or just buy Ebay for Dummies or something. I am not here to teach you all that stuff. I am offering you something you have not seen before and may not find anywhere else!

I want to show you how to get an unlimited amount of inventory and you are going to get it from other Ebay sellers.  Mostly, you will be buying from inexperienced amateurs but you will also be getting it from other professional sellers. This is a foolproof plan that will work in any country that has internet!

Some of those other Ebay guides even offer advice on how to find inventory but you still find the same old recycled information about wholesale lists, closeouts, liquidations, yard sales, thrift stores, etc.  My book, The Ebay Guru Speaks Out has nothing of the sort.


I currently use all of the techniques I discuss in my book. I have over 30,000 feedbacks on Ebay and many more transactions. I know what I am talking about!  Now, I've compiled all of these techniques into a unique electronic, downloadable, fully illustrated  book with numerous screen shots.  You can have this book right now with no waiting. I don't care who you are, your education level, your race or religion. If you follow my methods for getting inventory, you will never have to worry about job security again! As long as online auctions like Ebay exist, you will have a source of inventory and a place to sell it. The sky is truly your limit.  Initially, it does take some learning and some time at your computer but once you have it down to a science, it is quite easy. 

If you are sick of reading advertisements about having a home business, not knowing which is legit and which might actually work, look no further. I guarantee that if you have a desire to work from  home, being near your spouse and/or kids, setting your own hours and kissing your boss goodbye, this is an easy answer. There are tons of Ebay sellers who only sell on Ebay as their entire source of income. You can be one very soon.

This business is completely recession proof and can be done from any place in the world!

Here are a few examples of what you will find in The Ebay Guru Speaks Out:

  • How to choose categories to find inventory 
  • How to easily find inexperienced amateur sellers using certain keywords

  • How to buy merchandise up for auction with no other competition from other buyers (Works about 50% of the time but oh, when it does!!)

  • Forget amateur sellers for a second. How to find just lazy sellers unwilling to learn the value of their own merchandise

  • How to save tons of time finding inventory.  Otherwise, you will be clicking buttons until your fingers fall off! Time is money.

  • Learn to avoid the main mistake huge numbers of Ebay amateurs and professionals are making every day on their listings.  This is how you will make money. Avoiding this mistake is the key to finding merchandise before you plan to sell it.

  • Learn when to sell using auctions and when to use the "Buy it now."   This will really surprise you. 

  • Learn to make money from sellers who do not understand how to properly list items in the right format.

  • Why some people will pay more for your higher priced merchandise than from your competitor's lower priced (same) merchandise. No, really!  This too will tell you  how much to pay for other seller's goodies before you resell them again on Ebay.

  • How to educate yourself about someone else's inventory.  Find out if they are pricing it wisely, whether a starting bid or a buy it now.

  • How to utilize Ebay's search features in ways you never imagined!  Find things that no one else can find...from ignorant, amateur sellers!

  • How to set up and get regular email alerts that just scream "deal!" when they show up in your inbox.

  • Learn my awesome secrets of buying in "lots" when some lazy seller does not realize that he has something more valuable sold individually than in one lump lot.  I have made a lot of money using this technique and this is my main way to get inventory online.  Learn how to find stuff in your soon-to-be expertise in very clever ways.

  • How to find sellers who have little money invested in their own merchandise - thus, low starting bids and your chance to steal a bargain.

  • How to creatively find  inventory in ways that other buyers almost never think of.

  • How you can make a steady income from just a few items where you have knowledge domination.  You don't need to know everything. Just specialize!

  • Much more!

These are methods that I have mostly come up with myself.  You are not going to find the same old worn out ideas that you can get for free all over the internet.

These techniques do not require you to invest thousands of dollars in order to make hundreds of dollars.  You can start with just $50-100 in investment money for inventory.

In every part of this book where I explain what to do, I explain why. I want you to understand the logic of every single thing you are doing.  


This business is fun!

There is something so freeing about getting up each day and knowing you don't have to answer to any boss or your job's hours and schedule. You set the hours and you are the boss.    I want you to get in on this and free yourself.

How much is it?

I had thought about putting this whole teaching together into a face to face seminar where I would advertise and gather people together in hotel conference rooms. I believe it would be a smash hit but like many people's biggest fear, public speaking is not my cup of tea.  I just hate the thoughts of it even though I have done it before for free. I could probably get hundreds of dollars from some people for this seminar but then that would leave out the struggling single mom who is living paycheck to paycheck and wondering what she will do if the transmission on the Camry goes out.  I want to price this book so that anyone can afford it.

What is this book worth to you if just one of these techniques brings you cash almost anytime you need it?

Plenty, right?  Would you give me $100 (don't) if I could show you where to find $150?  Sure, you would, wouldn't you?

This book, if properly applied, can change your life.  All you have to do is apply my techniques and you will have a steady income coming in.  Maybe you are thinking: "How much money will I make?" People have asked me that in person several times.  Well, if you work full-time, you will make $1435.43 per week or if part-time, $539.04 per week.  Yes, I am being sarcastically humorous...or is it humorously sarcastic?  Asking how much money can be made is like asking someone: "How much is a house or how much is a car?  How much does a salesman get paid?"  These questions are about things that can vary greatly, right?  That is how it works with this business. You can make exactly what you are worth.  It is completely dependent on you and how smart and how hard you work.  It is mainly dependent on your own education.  The Ebay Guru Speaks Out is going to equip you with all of the tools you need to get you that inventory on a steady basis so that you can then turn it into cold, slimey cash!  This is the education you need.

The Ebay Guru Speaks Out should be $100 but it isn't.  Like I said, I want the struggling guy or gal to be able to become totally self-sufficient and I don't want you to sacrifice a kidney in order to get there. I know what it is like to be in a boring job that you hate or a job that you like but worry you will still have in the future.  I know all about these things because in 1996, when I worked for a package delivery company similar to UPS in Charlotte, NC, I went into work one day and was told that that day was our last. The business was going under and frankly, it was not a huge surprise since several of my paychecks had bounced. That company gave me my last regular paycheck even though it was not until 2001 until I discovered Ebay and got the business flowing like a mountain river.

Try it risk free! 


This book can be yours in an instant download in just a few minutes for the insanely low price of $27.00.

If you are not 100% delighted with this book, 100% of your money will be refunded with no questions asked!  This guarantee is not good for 7 days or 30.  It is a 60 day guarantee!  Tell me how you can go wrong!

I am not really all that worried about refunding your money because you are going to be delighted!  Like I said, a trained orangutan could almost do it if the animal could read and type.  This is the first day of a new career for you and you will not regret it!


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